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There just are no words. I could hear the air leaking out of my balloon as I read Jill’s post. And I want to add, what will happen to the children of the poorest poor when DCFS comes to collect them because they’ve been left home alone while their single parent works two jobs to try and put food in their mouths. OR the children who are being separated from their parents when they cross the border. How long before there are “academies” to care for and guide these children to become an army maybe??? Go look up Hitler Youth and see what THAT looked like…  And please listen to the words of this song on Jill’s blog post. It’s a question for all of us…

Filosofa's Word

We have descended into lunacy, my friends.  Can we claw our way back out?  I’m beginning to have doubts – serious doubts.  My fear is that there is a master plan … that by November, we will all be declared incompetent to vote in the mid-term elections, for we will be sitting on the sidewalk in our underwear babbling incoherently while dribble runs off our chins.  Welcome to 2018 – the not-so-brave-new-world of the D.S.A. – the Divided States of America.

To prove my point, I offer a number of exhibits:

Exhibit A:  The chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives is asked to tender his resignation because his prayer included something about equality and justice for all. (Really subversive stuff, eh Padre?)  He tenders the resignation, then re-thinks it and rescinds the resignation.  And then, a week or so later, a shouting match erupts on the floor of…

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