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I really loved SueBE’s advice in her post from praypower4today. I had never looked at relationships with people in that light. Thanks. SueBE, for such wise counsel.


Maybe it’s because Michelle Obama is a mom but she always gives the best advice.  Way back when my 6’1″ kiddo was a toddler, I read a really great piece of parenting advice.  Don’t tell your toddler not to do something.  Instead tell him what to do.  One is holding him down.  The other is, God willing, lifting him up.

When he got involved in swimming, I watched him work with a variety of coaches.  The best gave them positive tips.  “You’ll be faster if you remember to…”  “You won’t have to work quite as hard if you hold your hand like this.”  The funny thing?  The best coaches were usually parents. When the boys worked with one of these parent coaches, they excelled.

Of course, there were those other coaches.  “That’s all wrong.  Don’t do it like that.” Do I have to explain how little progress was made with…

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