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Genevafry is just starting out a blog over at GenevaFrYnspire. She just happened to reblogged one of Bran’s prayers from a couple years ago. I had forgotten about it, but it’s very beautiful. And since I KNOW there are a lot of nightshift workers out there, I thought it would be a good time to reblog it, too. May it bless you!  ❤ And do stop by and give Geneva a little love and encouragement!

The Path of Grace

000nightshiftMost of my working life I’ve worked swing shift or night shift. I’ll tell you what, it can mess with you. It sure has messed with me after 20+ years of going to work when everybody else is going home or going to bed. Your natural cycles get tossed this way and that, you eat at really weird times or skip meals altogether, and at times it’s almost impossible to have a social or spiritual life.

I mean, can I pray the morning office at 11:30 AM? Is that cool?

Anyway, recently I got the book “Common Prayer: A Liturgy For Ordinary Radicals” by Shane Claiborne and others. I really appreciate the work that they put into it, and I was inspired to write a prayer for folks like me, who often work those hours when everyone else is at home relaxing, even in bed. Remember, for you to get…

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