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Jane over at Making it write has been fiddling around with first lines from books and making them into a story. She did a great job! Check out her post First Line Flash.  Then Raili over at soulgifts — Telling Tales followed suit with her First Liner Flash Fiction. I’m really tempted to try this when I get a minute. In the meantime, however, here’s a repost of something we did back on March 25, 2016 with book TITLES.


The Thirteenth Tale: Far Traveler (A Book Spine Poem)

Raili over at soulgifts – Telling Tales did a post called Fool’s Quest in response to Nicola Auckland’s post Book Spine Poetry on her blog Sometimes Stellar Storyteller. The challenge was to raid your bookshelves for interesting titles and create poetry! Nicola used a Dean Koontz theme. Raili used fantasy.


These hummers are stacked two deep…

I couldn’t help myself! I ran to my bookshelves in my “little library” (there are more downstairs!) and wrote down the titles of 84 of my favorite books. Yep, 84! Then I went to work. I am delighted to say I used 63 of them! This was the most fun I’ve had writing (if you can call it that) in a long time! My theme was also fantasy.


The Thirteenth Tale: Far Traveler

The wicked day!
Rise of the storm…
A thousand splendid suns,
the pillars of the earth,
catching fire.

The earth shook, the sky burned,
and the mountains echoed.
in the ocean of night

The Historian —
A Secret History of Time to Come.
The doomsday book
world without end.
Spectres of the past,
The last command —
the doomsday key.

The book thief —
a girl named Sooner,
the heretic’s daughter.
the virgin cure
learning to walk in the dark.

Island of Hope, Island of Tears,
the hiding place.
The mist-filled path,
green darkness,
eternal echoes,
whispers from the woods
the name of the wind.

In the garden of beasts,
Who moved the stone?
State of fear —
the path of Celtic prayer.

City of Bones!
Merlin’s bones!
The crystal cave…
The bell jar:
heart of the sea,
tears of the moon,
jewels of the sun,
the shards of heaven —
four things that matter most.
The last enchantment.

The far arena,
the Valley of the Shadow,
the light of other days.
The growing season,
childhood’s end.
original blessings
year of wonders.

Dark inheritance!
Born in fire,
dark force rising!

Dark witch!!!

`* * * * * 

And here are the authors: (‘scuse my not retyping these with caps — heading out the door…)

The Thirteenth Tale — Diane Setterfield
Far Traveler — Rebecca Tingle
The wicked day! — Mary Stwart
Rise of the storm… — Christina Ochs
A thousand splendid suns, — Khaled Hosseini
the pillars of the earth, — Ken Follett
catching fire. — Suzanne Collins
The earth shook, the sky burned, — William Bronson
and the mountains echoed. — Khaled Hosseini
Lightning, — Dean Koontz
in the ocean of night — Gregory Benford
The historian… — Elizabeth Kostova
A Secret History of Time to Come. — Robie Macauley
The doomsday book, — Connie Willis
timeline,– Michael Crichton
world without end. — Ken Follette
Spectres of the past, — Timothy Zahn
remembrance. — Danielle Steele
The last command — Timothy Zahn
the doomsday key. — James Rollins
The book thief — Marcus Zusak
a girl named Sooner, — Suzanne Clauser
the heretic’s daughter. — Kathleen Kent
Wench, — Dolen Perkins-Valdez
eldest, — Christopher Paolini
mystic, –Jason Denzel
the virgin cure — Ami McKay
learning to walk in the dark. — Barbara Brown Taylor
Island of Hope, Island of Tears, — David & Douglass Brownstone, Irene Franck
the hiding place. — Corrie Ten Boom
The mist-filled path, — Frank MacEowen
green darkness, — Anya Seton
illusions, — Richard Bach
eternal echoes, — John O’Donohue
whisperings from the woods — Sandra Kynes
the name of the wind. — Patrick Rothfuss
In the garden of beasts, — Erik Larson
sepulchre! — Kaate Mosse
Who moved the stone? — Frank Morison
State of fear — Michael Crichton
the path of Celtic prayer. — Calvin Miller
City of Bones! — Martha Wells
Merlin’s bones! — Fred Saberhagen
The crystal cave… — Mary Stewart
The bell jar: — Sylvia Plath
heart of the sea, — Nora Roberts
tears of the moon, — Nora Roberts
jewels of the sun, — Nora Roberts
the shards of heaven — Michael Livingston
four things that matter most. — Ira Bycock
The last enchantment. — Mary Stewart
The far arena, — Richard Ben Sapir
the Valley of the Shadow, — Christina Ochs
the light of other days. — Arthur C. Clarke
The growing season, — Jan Cox Speas
childhood’s end. — Arthur C. Clarke
Birthright, — Nora Roberts
original blessings — Matthew Fox
year of wonders. — Geraldine Brooks
Unorthodox! — Deborah Feldman
Dark inheritance!– W. Michael Gear, Kathleen O’Neal Gear
Born in fire, — Nora Roberts
dark force rising! — Timothy Zahn
Dark witch!!! — Nora Roberts