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Just sitting here pondering tonight. The choir sang one of my favorite songs at church yesterday. It’s been going through my mind ever since. It’s Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” I just remembered I’d written a poem about it. So in an effort to avoid answering the Sandbox Challenge a little longer, here it is! 😉




broken hallelujahs

it’s 2:15 a.m.
and Leonard Cohen
is singing quietly in my ear,
his gravely voice muttering
the story of David’s secret chord
that pleased the Lord

I wonder
how many versions
there are of this song,
how many baffled Davids
have stumbled through
how many minor falls,
how many major lifts

were they so wrong to seek
the same holy comfort,
to touch in order to feel,
to take in order to give,
only to realize
as the hallelujah at last
errupted from their lips
it was broken —
they were broken

but what Cohen didn’t say
was that even a
broken hallelujah
reaches the heart of the Lord


Picture Credit: YouTube