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Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 19


This was a hard one for me to choose from. The fact is, I suck at keeping secrets! And I’m pretty much an open book when it comes to my life. So I’ve opted for Door #1 and revealing the secret I kept the longest in my life!


What have you done 
that no one knows about?

It was 1970. No one knew about this until a good 27 years after it happened. Mainly because it did’t involve just me. I was in my first year of collage and my folks had bought me this little Mercury Comet to drive back and forth. Great little car. Just like this one. Same color and everything. A ’62.

My brother Mike was in the 9th grade and he was pestering the beejeezus out of me to teach him how to drive. One day in a moment of weakness I agree to let him drive around the neighbor. He was doing great. We turned on North St. that actually went around a poplar-lined curve, and as we did we saw a police office had pulled a woman over and was giving her a ticket.

Now Mike is short. There’s no way he could have been mistaken for 16! He panicked, took his eyes off the road and ran into one of those big old poplars– right in front of the policeman! The impact threw him on the floor under the steering wheel, and fast as I could I slipped over into the driver’s seat, grabbed the back of his britches, and hauled his keister over on the floor of the passenger side. He climbed up on the seat.

We were fortunate the officer didn’t notice, and guess who got the ticket! Man did my parents rag on me! But I had to do that or Mike wouldn’t have been able to get his driver’s license the next year.

Fast forward about 25 or so years later and we’re all sitting around the table having dinner at my folks’ house. I don’t remember how the subject came up, but suddenly they were talking about my “accident.” Mike and I looked at each other and started to laugh. We finally told them what happened. To say they were stunned we’d kept our mouths shut all that time would be an understatement. LOL

So that’s my Secret story… 😀



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