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Think of something you recently gave someone.
It doesn’t have to be a tangible object.
How did it make you feel?

I recently wrote a letter of affirmation to a gal at church I don’t know well personally, but she has a beautiful servant’s spirit and I wanted to tell her that. As I was closing the envelope up it occurred to me it would be nice to give her something to remind her that others see Jesus in her. But what? Then I remembered a tatted bookmark I’d made years ago and have carried around in my Bible ever since. It was such a no brainer. Sometimes you’re moved to make or do things without knowing why or for whom. This was one of those times for me. I knew Marsha would love it.

It always feels wonderful to me to be able to affirm others. I did not grow up in a family that did a very good job of that. So being affirmative is a very deliberate intention for me. And the little handmade gifts are always from my heart…

This is not quite like the one I gave Marsha, but it’s also one I tatted a long time ago. I was a tatting fool for awhile! It’s a lost art, you know!

So how do YOU feel when you’re moved to give something to someone? Poorer?


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