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Do you ever run across a song you like and think you would have written it just a little differently? Well, as part of my “daily spiritual ritual” I read the words of one of the songs out of our old church’s hymnal. So as I was reading “How Great Thou Art” I thought this would be a perfect song to me . . . almost. It talks about forest glades, which I’m TOTALLY drawn to, but it doesn’t talk about my other love — the ocean.

So I decided to add another verse and proceeded to write my own! This is my new verse three:

And when I see
the sparkling, rolling ocean
and hear the womb-call
of its rhythmic surf;
I’m filled with awe
to hear the earth’s own heartbeat
that has resounded
since its very birth…

(refrain) Then sings my soul…

There was something kind of cool about that. I guess because that verse is actually part of me and how I feel. I may have to try another hymn!!!

Go ahead! Get creative in your spiritual side!!!


Picture Source: Art Coo