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The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 26

I’m trying to catch up on the last couple challenges! So these may be short and sweet!


What makes life magical?


This is really an easy one for me. Seeing my grandkids get excited about something like when they saw the Christmas tree grow on stage the first time we took them to see The Nutcracker and they were all amazed. It felt as if I were seeing it for the very first time, too, through their eyes. It was very, VERY magical for me to see their reactions!


What would your perfectly magical day be like?

carousel 1(I’m changing this to a WEEK!) Sitting in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage situated on a beach at the edge of a forest with his nibs. We’d spend our days exploring, then at night we’d sit out on the dock, look at the stars, watch the light go round, and he’d teach me how to snip the ends of cigars soaked in brandy and smoke them. Then after I barfed a time or two we’d OD on Coke and Chocolate — every night! 😉 (Of course we’d have a housekeeper/cook for the whole week, too!)

This is my favorite lighthouse, Heceta Head Lighthouse near Florence, Oregon. I almost drowned on that beach down there when I was seven!


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