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He had had a pretty crappy day at Bed Bath & Beyond. Too many people had called out, he’d had to do his job and two others. It was just one thing after another and he was tired and discouraged.

He said he had walked over the piece of paper lying on the floor at the store a few times as he escorted a bridal couple around to register for their wedding. Finally, he picked it up to throw it in the garbage, but when he looked at it, it wasn’t anything he expected. It was a Bible verse. Psalm 55:22 to be exact. It says:

Cast your burden on the Lord
    he will support you!
    God will never let the righteous be shaken!

Intrigued but touched, he shoved the paper in his pocket, went back to his office and found himself crying. He said he felt like God had seen his discouragement and heard his prayers throughout the day.

When he got home, he sat here in the living room with me reading his devotional for the day. I heard him gasp. As it turned out, THAT was the verse that was attached to the daily reading. Not only that, but the wording was from one of the newer translations of the Bible — The Common English Bible — which he had just bought.

Brandon was floored. Yes, God was listening to him. And he really wanted Brandon to know what was in that verse. I don’t know why. That’s between him and God. Everyone’s journey is different. But I ask you, what are the chances? Does God really speak to us personally? I sure think so…


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