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Just had to reblog this post by my friend Derek over at Psychologist on the Run as I got So much out of it. Derek started running a bit later in life, but his interest in it, and his joy are so obvious they’re infectious. (Not to mention he has a terrific sense of humor!) Do stop by and read the rest of his post and leave him a thumbs up!

Psychologist on the Run

4runstextNow, I wonder where this is going? That is often the thought I also have when setting out for a run. The code of conduct for running training dictates that you should always know what kind of run you are undertaking, be it recovery, speed focused, strengthening or endurance building. Today’s run was too fast to be a recovery, too short to be endurance enhancing, too flat to be strengthening and not intense enough to develop speed. I was in a running limbo.

I like to think that today I was running by feeling, just listening to the music of my body, the rhythm of my heart, the percussion of my joints, the soaring strings of my soul. Am I the orchestra or the symphony? Where is the conductor? This could, psychologically, be my attentional and other cognitive processes. The conductor could equally be an homunculus expertly wielding his baton…

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