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Where does the sun shine out of you the brightest?

I would say for me it’s from my eyes when I’m smiling. I know that because I can feel the corners of my eyes crinkle up and my cheeks squiggle up beneath them like they want to be buddies. LOL. I picture myself looking a little like Mrs. Claus! (Don’t get me riled, however, as you’re likely to get thunder and lightning then!)

Here’s Muir’s whole quote:

The sun shines not on us but in us. The rivers flow not past, but through us. Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing. The trees wave and the flowers bloom in our bodies as well as our souls, and every bird song, wind song, and tremendous storm song of the rocks in the heart of the mountains is our song, our very own, and sings our love.


Now doesn’t that make you want to do a Julie Andrews on the mountain in Austria!!!


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