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The past two or three weeks we’ve been going through the house sorting out stuff to take to our church’s fall rummage sale. We did really well. We ended up with 10 big boxes of stuff to donate. While we were going through our books I happen to run across a quiz book that his nibs and I had done in 1983 when we had been married for 11 years. It’s called Are You Compatible? (We were not!! LOL) It was a fun and interesting test for two, a list of 100 multiple-choice questions with a place for each of you to put your answers.

We did it, and when we finished, our score was 650. The book said from 500 to 690, if you’re young or especially flexible you might make it together. We got quite a chuckle out of that. (Though Lord knows neither of us are very flexible anymore! At least physically. I SO miss being able to sit with one leg up under the other!)

Then his Nibs got it in his head that we should take it again and see if things had changed. He swore up and down that I have changed much more than he has over the last almost 47 years. So we did.

I thought sure after all of these years we would have grown and matured enough to be much more compatible. “They” say the e longer you live together the more alike your temperaments become.  But lo and behold, we still ended up with a score of 685. So I guess we haven’t come as far in our relationship as it seems.

Then we decided to see which one of us had change the most. So I went back through the answers and counted the ones the ones that had changed for us. 25 of my answers were different. His nibs just shook his head. “See!” he  said. “I KNEW you’d changed a lot more than me.” But as it turned out, when I checked HIS answers, 28 of his them were different!

I wasn’t really surprised by our compatibility score. We have never had the pleasure of enjoying empty nest syndrome. And the truth is, after being together this many years, you really do change a lot. And there needs to be a time for you to get to know each other again. Obviously we haven’t been able to do that.

But come next April 21, our 47th anniversary, his nibs and I are leaving for a two week cruise to Hawaii. His nibs has been chuckling ever sense, and thinks we need to do the test again on our 50th anniversary. I wonder if we’ll make it till then since we’re not, it seems, very compatible!!!




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