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Surrender to the moment by observing
all that is happening around AND within you.
What do you hear?
What do you smell?
What do you feel just now?

I HEAR loud ringing in my ears. The furnace blowing. His nibs has the TV on downstairs. Kids outside playing in the snow. My fingers tapping on the keyboard. Cars going by. My breath…

I SMELL the pumpkin scented candle I’ve been using for Thanksgiving. The scent of Gain laundry soap on my clothes.

I FEEL tired. I have a headache and my knees are stiff. And frustrated because I had truble with the graphic. I guess I’m also feeling a bit disappointed that coming off my med has zapped me of what little get-up-and-go I had. It has now got-up-and-went, and I have four loads of laundry that need done!

Get Up and Go — Pete Seeger (My theme song!) (starts at 1:02)


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