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Our lives are but a scrapbook of experiences.
What picture would you add to your scrapbook today?
What does this image say about you?

My addition would be a picture of my “library.” We dedicated this room to our books and yet once we got it usable it became a storage room for everyone to dump their stuff they didn’t want to deal with right now. You can’t even move in there. There are holiday decorations all over the place, boxes of stuff set aside for the spring rummage sale at church, and a new Billy Bookshelf from IKEA that I got for Christmas year before last — still in its box leaning up against the wall… Well, you get the picture.

What does it say about me? I dragged his nibs in there the other day and said, “See all this clutter? This room is a perfect example of how I feel inside my head.” My mind is cluttered and feels like a repository for everyone else’s junk (emotions, anger, etc.). I need to get that room organized. Maybe then my OWN mind won’t feel so much like refuse pile!

(Example only — not my room…)

What picture would YOU add, and why?

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