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What are three things you are impatient with in your life?
How can you practice patience with each one?

Hm… This was an interesting question. And I’m giving it mixed reviews!

Waiting in waiting rooms for doctors’ appointments…
“““I DO try to be patient in this area. I always have a book or Sudoku puzzles with me. And I have to keep reminding myself that even though “those other people” came in a long time after me and it’s not fair they should go first, more than one doctor usually uses the waiting room.

Waiting for his nibs and Bran to do something I’ve asked them to do…
“““The jury is still out on this one because there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling. While I’m waiting, I try not to nag — until the third or fourth time I ask, that is.

I have no patience for adults who interrupt me when I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone else because they feel THEY can’t wait until I’m done…
“““I think that is rude. If they stand quietly by for a few seconds I always excuse myself for a minute from whoever I’m talking to and give the person  my attention. This is partly MY fault for letting it happen. As a wise woman I know said in a post yesterday…

“My motto is: Be truthful but tactful. If it’s not important enough to mention, it’s surely not worth holding a grudge over. Say it, so it doesn’t go on lay-away. Don’t put it into storage so that you can make an appointment in your mind to be mad at someone again later. Speak at the moment an infraction occurs.”  (Ruth at praypower4today)

I guess I really need to work on that one!

How about you? What are the three things that drive your patience to distraction? (This is actually a very revealing question, isn’t it!)


Picture Source: etsy.com