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This past week I’ve been sorting out stuff to take to the church rummage sale. I ran across a box of my journals I hadn’t looked through for a long time. What a trip down Memory Lane… There were 21 of them (and I have at least that many more up here in my “office/library/guest room”).

I spent the afternoon flipping through them and I ran across a poem/prayer I had written for a friend who lives a long way from here. I’d forgotten all about it. Since it’s Sunday, it seemed an appropriate time to share it. 🙂

Evening Prayers

In the evening when I pray
the thoughts of you that filled my day
come rushing back and then I find
that once again you’re on my mind.

And so I go to God above
who’s filled me with his tender love
and ask him in my heartfelt prayer
to keep you in his gentle care.

To watch and guard you through the night
and hold you till the morning light
safe and sound and free from harm
nestled in his faithful arms.

And finally I always pray
he’d send a loving thought your way
to let you know how much you’re loved
not just by him who reigns above,

but by someone whose heart you share
who keeps you in her evening prayers.


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