Evenin’ all!

Went to Cracker Barrel for lunch with my buddy Amy last week. I can take or leave the food there, but I LOVE poking around in their little store. You probably already know I’m a sucker for prompts. While there I ran across this book called Question of the Day. It’s a three year journal so you can see if your answers changed in a year. That immediately grabbed my attention. As I looked closer at it, however, I found it was a book for you to do with your child.


I was disappointed. My kids are 41 and 37 and I’m sure they would be thrilled to have me corner them everyday to ask them what they would probably see as a silly question. But as I walked away from the book I thought, “What the heck! I can talk to my Inner Child. I’m pretty sure no one ever bothered to ask HER these questions.” So I bought it, and have been doing a question every night when I journal. I find it kind of amusing. 

Well, I’ve been looking for a way to jump start getting back on the blog again, and it occurred to me if I added even just a LITTLE post each day I might get back in the swing of things. So I’m going to give it a shot starting tonight!

Let me introduce you to:If you would like to play along I would welcome the company. Inner children can be very entertaining!

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