Well howdy out there, pardners! It seems like it’s been forever since I got away to my little cottage in the forest. April 10th, 2020 as a matter of fact. It wasn’t intentional, however. I was having a “Dickens” of a time reading and typing. I had a myasthenia flare-up and it turned me upside down again. I am please to say I have worked through it, though it took a while. Still can’t type worth a hoot (but then I never could!), but since Christmas I’ve been catching up on my reading — 22 books! Yay for me.

I did have a complication in the middle of it all. My opthamologist realized I was beginning to have macular degeneration. By the time they caught it I had lost 25% of the peripheral vision in my left eye. Three surgeries later and he thinks it won’t progress quickly if we can keep the pressure were it needs to be. I was lucky. I have a terrific doctor (He’s got the curliest black hair, and ever time he does a glaucoma test with his equipment, I have to resist reaching over and tangling my fingers in it! LOL He’s such a cutie!)

I am please to say that his “nibs” (yes, Raili, I STILL refer to him that way!) will be retiring at the end of the year. He’s had a rough couple years. In the middle of all the Covid stuff he found out he had cancer. At that time they were not doing elective surgeries. How they could call that elective is beyond me. Six months later the doctor gave him the option of surgery or radiation. He opted for radiation. About four months worth. He is very fortunate. After all this time there is no sign of the cancer. PTL!

And Brandon has finally learned to handle his anxieties without passing out from Potts Syndrome! Praise God again! After two and a half years in counselling he has finally gone back to work as the office manager at the church we attend. Unfortunately we had to put our little Twitch to sleep a month ago. We were fortunate to be able to have the vet come to the house. I wanted NO drama and NO trauma. I miss that cat something fierce. It broke all our hearts. She had cancer. We kept her with us as long as we could.

End of Update!

So anyway, how are YOU all doing??? Margaret, Derek, Opher, Jill, Ivor, Judy, Jane, Raili, Shannon, Ruth, Spiritual Dragonfly, Plato… How many of you ended up with covid? The three of us all had it at the same time. The guys felt like crap. Me, I was asymptomatic. I swear it was the prednisone I take! I know I have a couple new-comers. Welcome! Drop me a note and introduce yourselves.

I’ll leave you with these thoughts…

Earlier this week The Upper Room devotional contained a short reflection written by a nurse in Texas. She talked about how she uses the elevator ride to her floor at the hospital as a chance to shine a little light in the darkness.

Of course a hospital isn’t generally a place that anyone wants to be, but this nurse felt she could have a positive affect on someone’s life with just five words. She said she always asks people who are getting on the elevator with her this simple question:

“How is your day going?”

She notes that most folks just respond with a polite, “Fine, how are you?” However every once in a while she gets someone who will say something different: “Not so good, my husband was in a bad car accident.” “It’s rough, my friend just had surgery and I’m running back and forth bringing things from her house.” In that quick elevator ride interaction the nurse said that she could make a difference in the person’s day just by saying something like, “Oh, I’m so sad to hear that. I’ll pray for you and your loved one.”

It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed in a world that seems so dark, but as we know, the light from a single candle shines brightest in the darkness. Is there someone you can be that light for today? Is there someone who would appreciate just a quick text or note saying. “Hey, I’m thinking about you and praying for you?” Let’s try to be more aware of the people around us that God would have us encourage, help, or comfort.

Ya’ll take care now, ya hear!