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I’ve been following Fimnora Westcaw over on Quantum Hermit do this “25 Songs in 25 Days” challenge. Been kind of a trip down memory lane reading her blog posts and watching her videos. Made me think I want to do something with music, too.

So today I’m asking you all the question, “Who was your first musical heartthrob?” Please feel free to share and post videos in the comment box. I’d love to hear all about it. AND this is GENDER NEUTRAL!

Johnny Crawford 2For me, even though I’m a child of the 60’s, it was a rather “tame” young man I first fell in love with: Johnny Crawford. My favorite record of his was “Rumors” followed closely by “Cindy’s Birthday.”

Johnny Crawford 4


You may remember him as Mark McCain on TV’s The Rifleman where he played Chuck Connors’ son. Connors and Crawford were very close. Crawford’s own home life wasn’t ideal, and he spent more and more time with Conners. Their relationship spanned years, to the end of Connors’ life.



Today Johnny Crawford is STILL singing. One of Disney’s original Mouseketeers, he now has his own “big band,” The Johnny Crawford Orchestra. I’ll keep this short, but if you’re interested, there’s lots of info on the internet about Crawford. In one little “aside.” a few years ago Village Inn restaurant made new menus and there on the left-hand corner at the bottom was a picture of Johnny Crawford eating pancakes! The waitress had NO clue who he was (I think she was 12), but I was so tickled the store manager gave me my own copy of the menu. I contacted their headquarters, and sure enough, that was him, circa 1957. What a treat.

Now who was YOUR first musical heartthrob?



“Living In The Past” In Memory of Chuck Connors (His Pa)