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So I promised you a surprise about the house… Here it is…


The Victorian
Layton, Utah

Stef & Jesse kiss`

Throwing bouquet from balcony

The Victorian is where our daughter Stef and hubby Jesse had their wedding reception. So when I wrote the little bit about the house for the Sandbox Challenge, it was actually just the way the house is inside!

Here’s one of the upstairs bedrooms that’s been turned into the owner’s office.


The house in Roberta Allen’s book looked very similar to this one except it wasn’t brick. I couldn’t resist using The Victorian. A couple of the pictures are kind of crappy, but I couldn’t get them out of the frame to scan them.

You would so LOVE this house! Which, sadly, is on the market now. It was a beautiful place.


The outside reception area. The bride and groom stood to the left
of the bridge and guests crossed the bridge to congratulate them.

20160505_224705At the church…



Picture Credits:
The Victorian Office — www.loopnet.com
Outside Reception Area — www.loopnet.com