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So Roberta Allen’s Sandbox Writing Challenge for this week wants to know, “What don’t you understand?”


To put it plain and simple — hardly anything! But that’s not a bad thing. Because as Plato (the younger) points out, knowing that you don’t understand (know) is the first step to understanding (knowing). Does that make sense? If I don’t recognize that I don’t understand things, how am I going to realize I need to take the time to learn stuff? That covers a LOT of “not understanding” territory.

So that’s the humorous, light side of answering this question. The serious side is I don’t understand how people can deliberately take someone’s life. That’s a conundrum that’s plagued me since I began reading histories of WWII. I’m not saying I don’t understand that lives are taken in times of war. We humans are a capricious race and it often causes us a lot of trouble.

What I’m referring to is how someone can intentionally put an end to the life other people just because… I’ve been trying to get my mind around the Holocaust for years now. Around how a leader could single out an entire race of people to be destroyed. It just doesn’t compute with me. Every time I find myself thinking about it, my “computer freezes up and my hard drive crashes.” My mind will not let me go there.

But I reckon that’s maybe a good thing because if I ever DO begin to understand that motivation, it probably would mean my life had taken a turn for the worse. So I guess I would hasten to add that SOMETIMES its a GOOD thing we don’t understand everything.

(Was that answer a cop-out?)


Picture Credit: memegenerator.net