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Have a little conversation going from the comments on Sanctuary… A fancy word for hideout? I’m just wondering if anyone else would care to add their 2¢ worth to the discussion. Would love to hear about other folks’ experiences.


 I sometimes look back on my time with the kids and wonder how much I was trying to find sanctuary from them, rather than with them. So can relate to your last sentiment. Something we did enjoy was reading together and now I find sanctuary in a good fantasy book. A hideout from the harsh realities of life to some magical place? My other sanctuary is the garden and observing the insects and birds within it. Strangely, I don’t feel that I’ve lost my sanctuary when others are with me in it. It is like shared sanctuary. Hope I can provide that in the future.

Calen: You know, I used to be able to find my sanctuary (at least a great deal of it) in books. Lately I can’t even work up the enthusiasm to read. I’m trying to read an OLD favorite at the moment that I’ve loved forever and read a dozen or more time. My attention span is just shot. I’m wondering if it’s from blogging so much.

Linda: I’m finding I can’t keep my attention in my book either….I used to read 3-4 books a month…..but the last few years it’s dwindled.

Safar: That’s possible. Media saturation could be part of the plight. I didn’t read for a long time either. I was surprised how long it took me to get back into it since leaving my job. Wonder why?

Calen: That kind of makes sense what you said about media saturation. Maybe reading is like any other commodity. When books were a bit scarcer, had to go to a bookstore to get them (for example), words were at a premium in my mind. Now there are books everywhere you turn, even on the computer. And not all of them good! But the market has been glutted, and as with any other thing you can buy, once there’s too many or too much of something the price drops. Maybe it works the same way. Maybe we begin to devalue the written word? Maybe we can only take it in short pieces now.


What about you? Do you have an opinion? Can you blog and chew gum read at the same time?