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Harula’s GLADvent Calendar


December 16

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. (Roald Dahl)

I know that at Christmas time kids wait and wait and wait for the MAGIC that is Santa Claus bringing them a bunch of presents. But for me the MAGIC is more of an adult kind. A MAGIC children (at least most children) hopefully don’t normally have to stop and think about in their young lives. For ME the MAGIC really happens at church on Christmas Eve.

candlelightAt the end of the service every year in churches around the world, candles are passed out, the lights are turned off, and the candles are lit one from another as those gathered sing Silent Night. THAT’S when the real MAGIC of Christmas happens for me as I look around at all the hopeful faces. For in that little space of time between the lines of the song, I can feel the belief renewed in my heart that someday we will all “sleep in heavenly peace” here in our world.

lessons-and-carols2What a MAGICAL world this would truly be if we could all go to bed at night with no fears or anxieties because somehow, MAGICALLY, out of the darkness the world had finally become as peaceful and soft as the glow of all those candles…



Picture Source:
Stocking — Harula
assing the Light — Pinterest
Candlelight Service — High Point University