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The Last Supper

They are assembled around him, troubled and confused.
He seems withdrawn,
as if, strangely, he were flowing past
those to whom he had belonged.
The old aloneness comes over him.
It had prepared him for his deep work.
Now once again he will go out to the olive groves.
Now those who love him will flee from him.

He had bid them come to this last meal.
Their hands on the bread
tremble now at the words he speaks,
tremble in sudden silence
as a forest does when a gun is fired.
They long to leave, and they will.
But they will find him everywhere.

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Maun·dy Thurs·day
ˌmôndē ˈTHərzdā/
The Thursday before Easter, observed in the Christian Church as a commemoration of the Last Supper.
Picture Source: Moms 4 Missions