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Have you ever had a dream that has affected you physically 
or changed your life in some way?

I don’t know that it change my life in any way, though it certainly affected me physically. For years and years I had a recurring dream (more nightmare, actually) that someone was coming into my bedroom to do me harm. I would find myself in a half awake state staring at the door, terrified that someONE or someTHNG was coming to get me. Ny folks always called those dreams night terrors.

They came to a head several years after his nibs and I got married. I sat bolt upright in bed and started screaming. He couldn’t wake me up, and every time he tried to touch me too calm me down, I’d bat his arms away. He finally called my friend Lynette and help the phone up to my ear to see if she could “bring me back from where ever I was.” It did help. (That was 3:00 am, btw.)

I’ve not had the ream since, but I often wonder about it. I’ve even puzzled through whether it could be something I’m remembering from a past life. Don’t know if I believe in that. I just know it scared the livin’ tar out of me!


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