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UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City

I’m mega torqued today. The church that I attend has two large main warehouses where volunteers put together all kinds of kits. Birthing kits, cleaning kits, hygiene kits, etc. One of them is back in Alabama, the other is here in Salt Lake. We have put together countless kits over the years. UMCOR has a partner network across the country to help distribute these kits where needed, even overseas. ALL for FREE.

It seems that UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief), an arm of the Methodist Church, has offered to send as many hygiene kits as needed to the detention centers where the children separated from their families are being held. If you’ve watched the news at all, then you’re most likely aware of the deplorable conditions the kids are living in.

Problem is, the US government won’t accept those donations from a religious organization because it’s not a part of the government. How stupid is that?

But that’s not what really made me angry. It’s more the fact that churches — and I don’t care WHAT church you belong to or WHAT side of the aisle you plant your butt on come election day — were more than likely singing wonderfully patriotic songs in their services yesterday in honor of Independence Day knowing damn well this is NOT the America they are singing about!

“My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. (Liberty for whom?)

Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims’ pride, from ev’ry mountain side
let freedom ring! (Freedom for whom?)

Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light… (I sure don’t see that light shining on these new “pilgrims!” Although those who have visited them say the lights are never turned off, even at night.)


O beautiful for Pilgrim feet, whose stern impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat, across the wilderness… (Wouldn’t you call that long trek to the US across a desert a wilderness?)

It just totally gets my goat, and I want to yell at people to wake up, open their eyes, and see what a travesty we’ve made out of this once-proud country! Then get off their keisters and do something about it. Now is the time to raise our voices, not in 2020. Of course we NEED to vote if we want to reclaim our souls as Americans, but how many kids must we sacrifice in the meantime to the white house on the hill???

(Ok. You can take your hat off now. Rant over… I think…)


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