Calen’s Bio


Character: Calensariël Fëanárë (Maiden of the Green Stone, FireSpirit )
Race: Half Elven
Sex: Female
Class: Ohtar- Envinyatar (Warrior Healer)

My name is Calensariël Fëanárë! I am Half Elven though my destiny lies with the Eldar. My father, Vanórë (Fairheart), was a Mirkwood Elf, and renowned for his gentle spirit, his lilting voice and loving heart. My mother, however, was a headstrong Gondorian woman called Númellóte (Flower of the West) in my father’s tongue, who, against the will of her people gave herself to Vanórë. Their story, as it ended, is a tale of great sadness that cannot here be recounted and yet I hold it in my heart ever…

I have given my allegiance to the Vanyar who dwell in the West of the Golden Wood of Lothlórien. Long years ago I was found near death by Haldir and Glorfindel, who took me to the Vanya Ilúviël, and by her ancient and steadfast craft she healed me in body, but in truth it was my spirit that was made anew. I have remained with the Vanyar ever. They have taught me their craft (and their song and poetry) and when I am not on guard (for I am also one of the Guardians of Lothlorien along with Haldir) I assist them in their Arbour of Healing. When they are called to journey at the behest of Galadriel, I oft accompany them, with my bow bequeathed to their protection. Orënyényë is its name (Heart Weeper) for my eye is keen and I find my mark cleanly. Glorfindel taught me much of this art and that of self defense that I might never again fall prey to harm, and to him I am ever in debt…From him I received the green stone of Beryl from which my name derives and in times of darkness it brings me great comfort. My heart is ever with him.

But do not be mistaken, I am a warrior and swift to the mark! The blood of Gondor and therefore of Númenor flows within me! I do not suffer fools gladly! Haldir is ortorno (sworn brother) to me. Like Glorfindel, he has taught me much, but I, in turn, have taught him that in the small and overlooked spaces of the heart oft lie the deepest treasures.* I have pledged my allegiance to my sworn sister Ilúviël Almarië and all of the Vanyar of Lothlórien and stand guard, ever watchful. My destiny is intertwined with them and with the fate of the Sacred Stones of which I will speak not!

I am tall and fair, of proud demeanour, but my sea green eyes are full of mirth when they are not being watchful. My hair is golden tinged with red and in full light is as the setting of the sun into the sea. It is long, falling as the waves upon the ocean, and I wear it as my father taught me, braided at either side as is the fashion of the Mirkwood Eldar. In it I wear a small burnished leaf of gold given to me by my father the night before he and my mother were killed by wild men from the north, changing my destiny forever. It is my most precious possession. I wear a long tunic of starlight silver green, that shimmers in the light and over this an olive green suede tunic that falls to the knees. My cloak is silver green velvet tied at the throat with the brooch of Lothlorien and I wear the Beryl stone close to my heart. Across my back I bear my bow and two long knives: Lintaquentë (SwiftSpeaker) and Aicanáro (SharpFlame). They are my brethren!

My horse, Elenúr (Star Fire), with whom I am bonded in the language which goes beyond the spoken word, is ever with me. A gift from Glorfindel (his own steed), the stallion is massive and white and is sometimes known in his home country as Lossë (white as snow). We commune in spirit and ride as one without saddle or rein and seek ever the horizon beyond. He is swift and sure footed as am I. When we are at full gallop I call him Fanyalinta (Cloud Dancer!!) for our spirits soar!! I touch with my mind and love with my heart the spirits of all animals large and small, such is the gift of my Elven lineage. I am skilled in healing them and knowing their distress and ways, and oft they come to me unbidden for company by which I am greatly blessed. One in particular is ever my companion. He is the noble gray wolf lord Huanárë (Hound of Fire). He is never far from my side. Yavanna I call upon for all their safe keeping and healing and I seek at all times to be one with the spirit of the earth.

I am happiest when I journey, when I hear the roar of the sea and when I hear the sigh of hearts that have been broken but are now healed. But the spirit of flame within me is wise and I do not mistake the truth often. My heart is strong and full ever and flows swiftly as the great Falls of Rauros…

I am Calen! Protector and Healer! Warrior of the Vanyar!!

*Ilúviël Almarië