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Obviously I need a whole separate blog just for reblogged poetry! I feel like I live inside this poem. Great job, Fenixx!

The Fenixx Nest


Is the body a prison

Or is that what we are taught

Do you ever feel the electric currents

Races from the soles of your feet

To the crown of your head?

Do you hear your heart racing?

Can you see colors in the dark?

Can you feel your stationary limbs

Shake and vibrate?

Can you hear the footsteps of the ancients

As they dance around you sending

You the energy from high above?

Can you not feel the love that surrounds you

At every given moment of every day

Or are you shut off

Are your receptors broken

The light has been red for some time now

But there is an upheaval I know and I

Can see bright green lights all around me

The body is not a cage

Darkness does not occupy it for

There is a sun in all of us like the lotus, but


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