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I mentioned in Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show this week that my family has a tradition of watching Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation after dinner on Thanksgiving. After all, what’s Thanksgiving without cousin Eddy???

Miniature_Antique_Swing_Handled_Basket_American_19th_Century_06But we didn’t want Thanksgiving to come and go and just be about food and movies, so years ago we started using what we call our Thanksgiving Basket. Before dinner we put three kernels of corn (popcorn in this case) on everyone’s plate. Then we pass around this cute little basket with a handle and one by one we put our kernels in the basket while telling about something we’re thankful for.

The kids thought it was kind of silly at first, but as they got older they also got more thoughtful about what they’re really thankful for. It can go either way, goofy or serious, but it’s just the idea of stopping for a few moments to think about the things in our lives we really value makes it worth taking the time to do.

How about you you guys? Do any of you have special things you do on Thanksgiving? For those in other countries, do you have a similar holiday you’d care to share about? I’d love to hear your stories!




(Picture Credits: basket — www.zandkantiques.com / clip art — happythanksgivingimages.us)