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Maybe you are searching among the branches
for what only appears in the roots




Found this Rumi quote over on Mindfulbalance just before I went to bed last night. I fell asleep thinking about it; I woke up thinking about it. It haunts me and won’t let me go.

How often have I said the one thing I wanted to give my children was roots and wings. Roots so they would know they always have a place to call home, somewhere from which to launch their dreams, and wings with which to take to the sky in pursuit of those dreams.

Yet I’ve always felt myself to be a sparrow trying to disentangle itself from the branches of the tree wherein lies its nest.

What if Rumi is right? What if I’ve been looking in the wrong place all this time in my bid for freedom and fulfillment? What if it’s been so close I’ve looked right over the top of it? Or what if it wasn’t what I thought it would be at all?

I sense a visit to the Soul Cave coming on…


The roots of true achievement lie
in the will to become
the best that you can become.

Harold Taylor



(Picture courtesy of www.123rf.com)