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Talk about being creative! I think Jane has just done an end run around the blogging award movement! 😀

I am flattered and grateful for the non-nomination of this non-award, but on behalf of myself and Impromptu Promptlings and Peculiar Ponderings, I gladly non-accept this thoughtful gesture. Just the joy of knowing this amazing human being (better known as Jane Basil) is award enough in my life! Janey, thank you for your non-award, even though I won’t be accepting it. (LMBO!) You are such a trip!

Making it write

heart-295.jpgI have not created a new award for award-free blogs, because award free bloggers don’t accept awards. I know many good people whose blogs are award free, and these are the people who I will not be nominating for my prestigious award free blog non-award.

All non-nominees are invited not to accept the non-nomination, and not to pass on their own non-nominations. You can choose how many blogs to not nominate. However, should you choose not to not accept my non-nomination, feel free not to not  pass on the non-nomination to other award-free bloggers – I will not be offended.

These are my non-nominations:

Impromptu Promptlings: The lovely truth-seeker Calen, who has been such an inspiration to me, with her mixture of wisdom and vulnerability. With compassion and good sense she supports me each time my confidence sinks, every time I feel myself falling into depression. For all of…

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