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I was glad to see Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show back with us this week! I know she’s been busy keeping up with the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. She made it! Yay!!!

So this week Fim wants to know, “Have you found something new, or rediscovered an old musical love lately?”

She posted some beautiful pan flute music from Zamfir. I love his stuff! But a sound that’s been drawing me for along time that I haven’t listened to for awhile is the Celtic Harp.

hqdefaultA true Celtic Harp can be small enough to sit in your lap, but they come in all sizes. They have wire strings, and were used in the folk and early music of Scotland and Ireland. I have some beautiful harp cd’s. The music is great to chill out by without having to know the words!!!


Picture Credit: www.youtube.com