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Seeker smallThe Seeker has reached a transition in her journey. Up until now she’s been learning the lessons and truths the Creator would have her know. She is currently in retreat where she will process what she’s learned. She has one thing to learn about herself from another Seeker; then after a conversation with the dove, she will set out on a journey where some things will not be as pleasant. (I’m guessing here ’cause I peeked ahead a few pictures.) And who knows? There may even be a romantic connection down the line.

Keep in mind this is a VERY rough draft (and an experiment to boot) and in the end will still require a lot of work to make it flow smoothly and fill it out a bit more with fluffy stuff. This is just the backbone. Up until now it has been about Seeker’s re-education. Hopefully she will find a bit more excitement in the next part. But at the moment I must write one bit at a time as I get the next picture.. 😀 Only the Creator knows where this sucker is going!. 😮 (And I’m still asking myself what in the world possessed me to try this!!!)


Picture Credit:
Seeker — www.metalinsider.net
The Seeker– personal (see also www.aeclectic.net)