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This week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge prompt asks us to:

Write about a time when you felt deeply connected to both yourself and others.

I keep coming back to the same scenarios with questions like this. I’ve done posts in the past about our women’s retreats and how, even when we were practicing the discipline of compline where we did not speak to one another from 9:30 at night until 9:00 the next morning we could sit together on a couch in the commons room at the retreat house and feel totally connected to one another, and at the same time feel at one with ourselves. (Lord! That was long sentence!)

I’ve talked several times about candlelight services at church and how even in the dark with just little candles lighting up the room there is such a strong connection with everyone there, and a peace within myself.

One thing I haven’t talked about often is when the group of homies I hang out with go off for an overnighter somewhere. We each bring our own “beverages” and snacks to share, and after dinner we’ll come back to one of our rooms and sprawl around stuffing our face with chips and chocolate in between Long Island Ice Teas or White Zin, or Bud Light and talk well into the wee hours about things that would make your hair stand on end. 😀 We all know enough about each other to make a living off blackmail. LOL And when we’re all sitting there sharing about our lives, there is a sense of connection with one another that has lasted for going on 20 years as well as a sense of myself that really does foster peace in my heart. I feel at one with them, and at one with myself.

I’ve thought a lot since we started this challenge clear back on August 12, 2015 about what it is that facilitates that connection. I’m wondering if it’s that we have the same focus. We are all like-minded in what we are seeking. And if that’s true, what would happen in this world if we all were on the same page about doing away with war, poverty, lack of healthcare…

That’s the natural outgrowth of that challenge question for me. How do we get there? Or do we? How do we really make that connection that helps us be aware that we’re all a part of one another?



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