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Samantha King (Holmes)

Samantha King (born March 27, 1985) is a performer, recording artist and songwriter who has performed throughout North America and the Caribbean.

King was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Edmonton to Wendy Woods and Phillip King. She lived in Edmonton until she was 11 years old, and then moved to Bruce, Alberta with her mother and brother after her parents separated. She has one older sister and one younger brother.

She received notoriety at the age of 13 when she was the youngest person ever to win the ‘Country Vocal Spotlight’ at the 1998 Canadian Finals Rodeo in Edmonton, Alberta.When she was 14 years old she decided to pursue a career in music, and moved to Edmonton, Alberta to live with her manager.

Both King’s mother and grandmother sing, the latter being a cousin of Hank Snow.

King wrote her first song (“I’m Just So Blue”) for her brother when she was 13, and released her first album, This is Forever, in December 2003.

At the age of 16 Samantha was a featured performer in the 2001 World Championship ceremonies in Edmonton for the theme song “We’ve Got the Fire” by Jan Randall.

She was then given the opportunity by RCA Nashville to work with The Mavericks lead singer, Raul Malo. She has also worked with Randy Bachman (Bachman–Turner Overdrive) and Buddy Cannon (Kenny Chesney’s Producer).

As an entertainer she’s performed on festival main stages with Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Jann Arden, Sawyer Brown, The Oak Ridge Boys, Joe Nichols, Duane Steele, George Fox, Doc Walker, Charlie Major, Colin James, Honeymoon Suite and many more.

She has written songs with several of Nashville’s well known songwriters including Lisa Brokop (Artist), Tim Taylor (Jason McCoy), LuAnn Reid (Kenny Chesney), Eddie Schwartz (Hit Me With Your Best Shot), Ted Hewitt (Curb Music Producer), Joie Scott (Shania Twain) and many more.

In 2009, the day before she was to perform on the main stage at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose, Alberta, there was a large windstorm that collapsed the main stage – and caused the remainder of the four-day concert to be cancelled. As a make-up concert, King opened for Tim McGraw on September 17, 2009, at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta, singing a brand new song entitled “Let It Rain”. Funds raised were donated to the Donna Moore fund providing for the family of the woman who died in the stage collapse. (Wikipedia)

It’s been two years since Samantha King Holmes blessed readers with a truth that wasn’t restricted to the format in which modern poetry often follows nowadays. Her debut poetry collection “ Born to Love, Cursed to Feel“ was an emotional workout that involved the heartache and confusion that dwells within the soul of someone struggling with life and love. In “ Born to Love, Cursed to Feel “ we are introduced to the poetess Samantha and the book often reads like a journal written by a warrior. The imagery and expression creates this profound narrative of a woman’s awakening and the many things that she encounters on her journey towards a greater understanding of self.
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I’m on the lookout for another poetry anthology to read. No luck yet. But I ran across another new poetess I wanted to share with you. I read the first piece in her book Born to Love, Cursed to Feel and just went WOW! It felt just like I do in so many ways. This gal has the whole package, as evidenced above. I LOVED this book! Go get it!


You’re a beautiful kind of madness
a misunderstood truth
O, the things they could learn from
the darkness that is hidden behind your eyes
So gifted, yet your talents are wasted
you gave up chasing dreams
Reality hit and you got a taste of failure
Cautious now about bearing your soul
For if others saw you fully exposed
they may not love you like they claim to
Time and experience have taught you to trust no one
Friends, lovers, and even family have forsaken you
You keep the shattered pieces of your heart in a box
Stitching, gluing, and staying up all night
trying to put it back together
Attempting to fill the void that was left
Moving from one man to the next
It seems no one can satisfy the appetite
for affection that you seek
Continually picking at old wounds
they never heal properly
You have no real home, too restless to stay in one place
You are reckless, selfish, stubborn, sometimes rude
You’ve bottled up the pain
of so much that has been done
When you’re hurt
You close into yourself, shut down
You love attention and yet love being by yourself more
May God have mercy on your soul
For you are truly lost
Daily you fight your demons
Yet no one knows of that which you endure
You bear it alone, never speaking of it
You can blame the broken home from which you came
Or the environment that you grew up in
The people who tore you down so young
You can point the finger at those who have
whispered behind your back
They all have played a role in your development
But looking so deep into the past
will keep you from moving forward
You must love yourself more
than these people claim they do
Look at where you stand now
No one can know the things you have endured like you
You’ve never claimed to be perfect
Your flaws tell your story
There is no need to hide them



Picture Source: https://thenewstack.io/instagram-brought-literary-success-feminist-poet-r-h-sin/