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My daughter and company have just moved back to Utah and I’ve been shopping for Easter baskets for the four grandkiddos today (7,5,3,18 mos.). OML! It’s been goin’ on 20 years since I’ve done this! I’m WAY out of practice. At any rate, let’s get on with the April A to Z Challenge for today!

Did you guess yesterday’s? I think only one person mentioned that they knew what it was. Well if ya didn’t, here it is:

Jungle Jim

Like so many other character actors who get stereotyped, Johnny Weissmuller’s Jungle Jim and Tarzan roles preceded him everywhere he went and he was unable to break out into new genres of series on TV. Too bad. He was a pretty hot dude!.😎


Did ANYONE get it??? 😀

Maybe you’ll do better with THIS one! Probably, since K was real slim pickin’s…

East meets west in this action-adventure show that became one of the most popular TV programs of the 70’s. Just on the fringe of my single-days threshold, who would have known a TV show could bring such enlightenment to American audiences… This show, a real family affair, was proof positive that no matter how laid back you might be, trouble usually has a way of finding you!

So how about it? Do you think you can…

(Btw, if you know the answer, please keep it to yourself so as not to give it away. Stick a smiley face on your comment instead. Thank you so much!)



(Just a quick note. If the title of the show is preceded with the word “The”, it will NOT be included in the name.)

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