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Last night his nibs and I were coming home from a seminar at church on communication. It was an interesting discussion about risk taking and trust in relationships. We were deep in conversation when we drove by the Smith’s market right up the street from our house and we both just froze. There were at least 20 police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks surrounding the store and the street next to it.

Arn pulled to the curb and stopped and I said, “You don’t suppose there’s been a robbery in there with fatalities, do you?” He looked at me and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. Brandon often stops at the store on the way home from work to get something for his lunch the next day. “What if Bran’s in there?” I asked.

I pulled my cell phone out to give Bran a call. I’d forgotten I’d turned it off during the seminar. When it came on, there was a panicked message from Bran who was actually sitting in the parking lot wondering if WE were in the store and there was a robbery or something. He’d thought we were stopping on the way home to get cat food.

It dawned on me in that moment how much our lives have changed since the election in 2016, before the political rhetoric became so polarized and dialogue became intentionally uncivilized. My mind would never have gone there. But last night that’s the first place it went — as did his nib’s and Brandon’s. And it occurred to me that my mindset of my life in this country has changed even more significantly than it did after 9/11. Last night I was far more afraid…

Listening to the news when we finally all got home, we learned there had been a house fire across the street from the store and one of the older folks in the house had died. As sad as that is, I was very relieved. And maybe a little ashamed. And I wondered where THAT feeling came from…


At any rate, as I pondered on this last night I wondered if anyone one else has had a similar experience. I’m just curious. Has the last year plus changed the way you perceive your life now and in the future in our country? Or is it just quirky me???


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