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The Sandbox Writing Challenge 2018 — Exercise 25

Mae Sot, Thailand. 2011. Burmese refugees sort through rubbish at the Maepa trash dump. About 22 families, more than 300 people live and work there trying to make a living earning a meager income by collecting and re-using plastic and other refuse. They earn about 3 baths per kilogram. The children situation is specifically, the don't have alternative but to work since they are just babies.

Do you see something of yourself in this little child? 
If so, what?

I remember this prompt from last time. I even remember what I wrote about it. This time I’ve finished my excavations and and am outside my cave in the real world trying to put to good use the bits and pieces of things I’ve found.

So the thing I noticed this time was that even though this little cutie is doing what she has to do to help her family survive (I’m guessin’), she’s determined and putting her best foot forward. She’s wearing a pretty dress and she has a clip in her hair. And pink shoes! Every little girl would want to wear pink shoes, right?

What am I trying to say… That instead of sitting around moping in front of others, she puts the best spin on it her “job” that she can and goes about her business.

I’m in that same place. Even with my family I put up my best front despite the immune thingy going on. I grit my teeth and I do what I have to do. This includes sorting laundry into giant IKEA bags with long handles and pulling them down two flights of stairs to the basement. It also includes standing at the bottom of the landing by the front door and hucking bags of groceries up the stairs (except the eggs!). I have come up with some of the most ingenious ways to get things done, if I do say so myself.

I guess I’m kind of proud of that determination and that I don’t sit around with a long face all the time. I’m all smiles at church, and except for the way I wobble like a webble when I walk, no one would think anything was amiss.

It is determination, right? Not just plain old PRIDE because I’m too damn ornery and stubborn to give up or ask for help (very often) ??? 🤔😗



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