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Yes, we have been back from the cabin for about three weeks now. But it has been a busy three weeks speckled with appointments, deck installers, patio door installers, electricians, and furnace folks. I got a little overwhelmed. Am down to 15 mgs. a day on my med for the MG (from 60) and it has kicked my butt. I don’t know where my energy went.

So I’ve been scraping along as best I can. I’ve put everyone in Reader, so if I miss a post now and then, please know I’ll try to get back to it. And I felt it was best to take a couple weeks off the blog while I caught up with others’ posts. So my head is clearing and I’m hoping the light I see at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train!

Buckeye Haven

While I’m getting back in the swing  of things, here’s a short little tour of the cabin. I don’t think I’ve ever put pictures on here before. My angel friend from Perth, Australia has been over to visit a couple times, and the last time we spent a night at the cabin. It was so great to have Kim there!


It’s a great place to kick back. No phone, no TV, no WATER!!! (But  we DO have both a chemical toity inside and your regular, run-of-the-mill outhouse outside. Makes you feel sort of like a pioneer when you have to heat your water to do dishes!

Anyway, I hope to get caught up with myself very soon now. And I’ll keep working at visiting blogs!

(PS. Hover over the pix to see the captions. And btw, I’m not going to be posting the Sandbox prompts for awhile now. Not really in a place right now to focus on them. Thanks to everyone who was playing along. You are such great companions! ❤ )