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Breathe deep and think about your place in the universe.
Think about how the particles you’re made of
are the same particles that make up the sun, moon, and stars.
How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel enlarged and enriched. I’ve always believed everything in the universe was held together by a force of creation (however you want to refer to it) that moves around and through every created thing to bond all together.

 (“For in him we live and move and have our being.” — Acts 17:28)

There’s an interesting little tidbit about this quote. Folks have been debating for a long time whether Sylvia Plath meant BRAY or BRAG. Poetry lovers the world over can’t agree, especially since both word fit — but kind of mean opposite things. BRAG is very “I’m in control.” Bray is that heart that goes on working day in and day out and is “not in our control” to a great extent. Plath fans think she created the confusion deliberately. Personally I like BRAY. It’s quiet and unassuming.

Which do YOU think it should be?


Picture Source: PictureQuotes.com