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Autumn is in full swing, and winter is just around the corner. Let’s take a minute to look back over 2018. What was the biggest challenge you faced this past year? NOW look ahead to 2019. What do think will be your greatest hurdle in the new year?

I would have to say for me/us it’s been one medical challenge after another in 2018. If something can happen to run up a doctor bill, it will! In fact our most recent “event” was today. A co-worker of Bran’s brought some fresh-baked cookies into the store for his partner. Jerry offered Bran one. He’s so careful when others give him food like that. He took it back to his desk and laid it down on a piece of paper, then he took a whiff of his hand. Sure enough, it was peanut butter, to which he is horribly allergic. Within five minutes his face had swollen, he broke out in a rash, and he could barely breathe.

One of the managers rushed him to urgent care where they took him right in and gave him an epinephrine shot and a prednisone shot. He didn’t have an epi pen at home as it had expired. But they gave him a ‘script for two and he nearly died when he went to get it filled — $300 and change. How sad that you can buy a gun in this country for less than a med that can save your life… (Yes, I’m getting pissy about the world, finally!)

Anyway… hopefully next year we’ll all be a whole lot healthier!

For 2019, our greatest challenge is going to be getting our finances squared away so his nibs can retire the end of the year. Unless, of course, our medical bills keep mounting! (I’m already scheduled to have surgery on my eyes in January and February. Not a very auspicious beginning!)

How about you? What have you been struggling with?


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