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I keep trying to figure out why in the world it’s so hard for me to get back on here… I think maybe I’ve developed an allergy to the internet! I say that kind of tongue-in-cheek, but it seems like every time I get on the bloomin’ net all I hear is bad news. It has taken a lot of the joy out of life these days. I’ve become far too serious for my own good! And I find myself seeking out animal stories! They make me smile. LOL

What’ll it be, sailor! 

I know it sounds silly to be too serious, but I think of so many issues these days. I need to stay far away from the news! Here’s an example:

I’m getting ready for an appointment this morning and I found myself thinking about all the refugees coming to the US because they want the possibility of having a better life — or at least a safer one (though THAT’S up for grabs these days). And I found myself wondering what things especially would they be looking for in a life here. My first thought? WATER! Enough to drink, enough to cook with, to bathe in, to wash their clothes in. What a luxury a shower might seem to a lot of people without access to clean water.

I’m not a person who takes their possessions, their conveniences for granted. There’s not a laundry day goes by that I don’t thank God for my washer and dryer and pray that they keep plugging along. (Our washer is 47-years-old this year!) Maybe I’m way too concerned with material things. I guess that’s why it surprised me when I thought about people not having access to the most basic necessities of life — that I always take for granted…

At any rate, that’s the way my mind works these days. It’s like that constant seriousness crowds out any thoughts of fun or creativity. Perhaps I need an internet intervention?

Btw, what do YOU think YOU would look forward to the most if you were coming to America? (I mean other than getting locked into a cage! Grrr…..)

I really MUST get out more and find some stupid stuff to do!!!




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