Why? Because they often take everything so literally.

My son, Brandon, came home from work yesterday and had me in stitches telling me about his interaction with one of the neighborhood kids at work. (Brandon is the office manager at the church we attend.) Little Ben came into the office, held up two quarters, and asked Brandon if that was enough money to get a drink out of the fridge. Brandon said “Sure buddy,” and took him into the break-room and deposited the money in a box on the fridge. He then went back to his desk leaving the little guy to pick what drink he wanted.

A few minutes later the young man came into Brandon’s office carrying an Ice drink. Brandon said, “Whoa, buddy. You can have any drink in there you want, but not that one. It’s for my lunch.”

Good natured little guy that he is, he returned the bottle to the fridge and chose something else. On his way out the door he said goodbye to Brandon, who was too distracted to look up. But as the door closed he finally glanced out, and there went the Ben with a full bottle (big!) of communion grape juice just chugging away!   👀

After the surprise wore off, Brandon called out the door, “The blood of Christ shed for you,” then turned and went on with his work, chuckling the rest of the day.

Well, he told him he could have anything! LOL 😂