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I couldn’t get my hands on this picture when I did my blog post on Friday. We’d moved our bedroom upstairs a few years ago and I’d outgrown my Victorian “stuff” phase and went strictly Zen when I redecorated. So all my lovely things went in a box — which I couldn’t find yesterday in the dungeon.

But glory be! Whilst I was out at a luncheon this morning Lord Drollery braved the dungeon and found it!

Why was it so important to put it on here you ask, and well you might! Sometimes I feel like there have been so many of those strange little quirky wanderings on the path of my life that I need souvenirs to remind me that they happened. Mile markers on the road map of my journey, if you will. And this one is especially dear to me.

So here it is. You can read about it on Pennies from Heaven if you’d like.

heart pix 1

I have you in my heart… Philippians 1:7