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`It was just a short, innocuous comment on my “Crop rotation…” post, but even as I responded to Soul Gifts, the bright light went on over my head.



Soul GiftsChange and transition everywhere – old stuff being purged to make room for the new.

MeSomething JUST sparked in me when I read your comment! I thought, “Yeah, IF you can let it go!” And I knew IMMEDIATELY why God picked Percy out for me! I AM AN EMOTIONAL PACK RAT!!! OMG! I need a group and a weekly meeting!!! 😮 Thank you for that insight! Awesome…

Percival CropSince last spring I’d been eyeing the pack rat hand puppet at Barnes & Nobles. And it was NOT because I could play with it with my grandkids. I’d pick it up, put it on my hand, cuddle it for a few minutes (after making sure no one was looking at me as if I’d gone round the bend), look at the price tag for the tenth time, and put it back on the pole. I’d walk away with a heavy heart. I could NOT for the life of me figure out why I was so drawn to that puppet. I mean it WAS cute, but I just wanted to cuddle the silly thing (beggin’ your pardon, Percy) and never let it go. But I just couldn’t justify spending that money.

Then there we were in B&N buying Christmas gifts and Lord Drollery was bemoaning the fact that I didn’t have any kind of a Christmas suggestion list. And as soon as he said that I knew what I wanted. Told him, “Be right back!” and headed off toward the kids’ section at the back of the store. To say he was surprised when I turned up with a puppet is sort of an understatement. 😀 It made me smile because he didn’t DARE question my choice after all his whining.

So I christened my little pack rat Sir Percival (which means piercing the valley, and who was the knight that went on the search for the Holy Grail — fitting for a traveling companion in both regards) and Percy and I set off on a journey with the book of Daily Calm for our guide. But I STILL wondered WHY a pack rat. Until Soul Gifts made that comment. Well, your read my response. In that one brief shining moment that was known as Camelot (see, I told you Percival was appropriate!) I realized that’s what I’d been doing. Dragging a lot of excessive emotional baggage along with me on my journey. No wonder I was tired all the time.

When I mentioned this to Fimnora from Quantum Hermit yesterday, she suggested God had given me Percy to be a surrogate for all those pent-up emotions. And I think she’s right. I’m one of those weird people who is always looking for symbolism or clues in my life as to which fork in the road to take next. Journalist Malcolm Muggeridge said once:

…every happening, great or small,
is a parable whereby God speaks to us;
and the art of life is to get the message.

And that’s kind of the way I’ve lived my life, watching and trying to pay attention to the vistas around me. And I’m extremely glad THIS little mystery is cleared up for me. Percy has offered to shove all those already-used emotions into his back pack to free me up for living a better life. And as I said to Soul Gifts:

This light bulb moment has been brought to you by Soul Gifts at Telling Tales! See Soul Gifts for your most surprising spiritual enlightenment! 😀

Be sure to stop by her blog, soulgifts — Telling Tales, and check it out. She’s a heck of a story teller! And thank you, hon, for the gift of your insight and wisdom. So glad to have you for a traveling companion.


Picture Credit: digitalbloggers.com