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Another Sandbox Writing Challenge I know I can’t really answer at the moment. Last week we were asked:

In your life, how do you find the balance
between being alone and being with others?

My life has gone from being over-weighted on the social side (pre-2003) to being heavy on the alone side with no balance in between. I think that’s partly because I’m such an all-or-nothing sort of person. When I get involved with something (raising kids, jobs, church, enjoying time with his lordship or the girls) it gets pretty easy for me to get caught up and lost in those things to the exclusion of having some “me” time. (And being home alone is NOT, imho, the same as “me” time. In fact, maybe a better question might have been what does “me” time look like for ME?)


It has taken me 15 years to become aware of the real, healthy need for “me” time. At least I think. Then again I may have always known it but not known what to do with myself. I have probably self-sabotaged a lot over the years. I think it’s odd that just as I was beginning to understand how important that was, our life is in flux again.

So at the moment all I can say is I haven’t found that balance. For right now I’m grabbing hold of the moments I have by myself at home. Oddly I don’t do anything most of the time unless I get on here. I enjoy just sitting and soaking up the silence. I seldom ever even put any music on. I’m not sure what that solitary behavior is about, but for now all I can do is go with it and see where it leads.


Picture Source: Stella Tesori