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(Written in conjunction with Camp NaNoWriMo. For an explanation of what this strange story is about, you can read Obsessed by a Journey.)

When the time came for the evening meal, the Seeker was so nervous she found she could not eat. All of her journey so far had been to prepare her for this moment. From the beginning she had believed that when she found her true purpose all would be clear to her, all her failures and missteps would fade and she would walk always in the Light of the Creator. Now, at last, here she stood at the edge of the Wider Realm and the reality was her humanness and frailty were not only still with her, but were the very things that would connect her to all of the Holy One’s Creation.

The thought had angered her at first. How long, she had cried out to the Creator, must I struggle with these shortcomings and imperfections? But more than that it frightened her. How could she be a witness to the greatness of the Creator if her own life was one of a crooked path?

By the light of the bright, full moon the Seeker looked down at the puddled water beneath her feet where shown her reflection. A reminder, she surmised, that there was a darker side of her from which she would never be parted. She knew she would catch sight of it on her journey now and then. But she took comfort in knowing there were Prayer Warriors who worked on her behalf to inspire and nurture her faith and witness.

As she stood staring at the imposing gates that were the entrance to the Wider Realm she remembered the words the Prayer Warrior had said when he’d exchanged her silk mantle of Innocence and Purity with a black, home-spun Cloak of Truth.

“The reality of your humanness is your greatest protection, for from it comes the humility that will temper your darker side. And when that darker side emerges, which it will from time to time, never forget there are Prayer Warriors here tending to your Vine of Faith. You will never truly be alone in your struggles.”

The Seeker had thanked him for his encouragement then walked the short distance to the entrance to the Wider Realm. At the bottom of each gate post sat a fierce, ferocious jackal, the representations of all her fears, and she trembled. But recalling the words of the Elder Mother to keep looking up for her help, this she now did, and above her flew a great flock of Eagles. The Creator’s words from the Sacred Scrolls resounded in her heart.

“…those who hope in the Holy One will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

And her spirits were lifted on their very wings as she crossed the water, passed through the gate where the jackals snapped and growled, and embarked on her great life’s journey.


© Cheryl D. Carter

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