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Argh! I LOST a day somewhere!!! How’d I do that??? Must have had something to do with the sugar drunk I was on… o_O Well best get caught up. Especially since N seemed unfamiliar to everyone. So here goes! If you didn’t get it, N was for:

Nanny and the Professor

I was destined to love this show because I had already fallen in love with Richard Long as Jarrod Barkley on The Big Valley (which you may remember from B). As to the main character in the series, Juliette Mills, I TOTALLY wanted to be her younger sister Haley! Actually the Mills girls came from one of Britain’s most prestigious acting families. Seems like everyone in that family was involved in the movie business in one way or another. John Mills was their father.

As to the magic, well, the series never came right out and said Nanny had magical moments, but like so many Mary Poppins copy cats, it was always kind of assumed. You’ll just have to watch it and make up your own mind! 😀

(Just out of idle curiosity, does anyone know who Haley Mill’s FIRST screen kiss was with??? 😉 )

Now to catch up on the April A to Z Challenge! You’ll get a twofer today!

An American anthology series, this show was broadcast for three seasons by ABC from January 1959 to July 1961 and was directed by an American director, actor, television producer, and screenwriter who was our “guide to the supernatural.” Unlike other TV series of its ilk, all the episodes were presented in the form of straightforward thirty-minute docudramas, and were said to be based on true events. The list of guest stars reads like a “who-is-gonna-be-who” in Hollywood in the future. The very last episode of the series called “Eye Witness” so captured my imagination that I was fascinated with the volcano Krakatoa ever afterward!

And for our catch-up round:

This American sitcom ran on ABC from September 18, 1963 to April 27, 1966, with reruns airing through August 31. The show was created as a vehicle for a rising star. Or should I say a rising star times three because in this show she played three identical characters! The dual role challenged special effects for its time, considering that television special effects were rare in the early 1960s, particularly for a sitcom. In all episodes, the star appeared as both characters in the same frame through the use of a split-screen effect. It was your run-of-the-mill teen series, but then I was a typical, run-of-the-mill teen!

So what do you think? Can you…

(Btw, if you know the answer, please keep it to yourself so as not to give it away. Stick a smiley face on your comment instead. Thank you so much!)



(Just a quick note. If the title of the show is preceded with the word “The”, it will NOT be included in the name.)

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