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Yesterday I was reading an article in AARP Magazine about heart health — “The Seven Worst Things You Can Do To Your Heart.” It talked about how occasional stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but chronic stress can put your health at risk.

The FIX for that, it says, is antistress techniques: exercise, meditation, yoga, tai chi, enjoying nature, and even creative hobbies that help dial down your stress reaction. “But one key to understanding stress is that, in the end, it’s how you react to it that makes all the difference. From that point of view, a big part of the remedy is just to ask, ‘Why am I so stressed about this?’ (I thought it was interesting that choice of career or some such thing was not mentioned in the article as it, also, has such a big bearing on our stress levels.)

It just so happens that Fimnora from Quantum Hermit and I were chatting on the phone about this last week. More specifically we were discussing whether or not happiness goes hand-in-hand with your passions.

How often have we heard it said that we should follow our hearts/dreams /passions. This, supposedly, will make us feel happy and fulfilled. But we were wondering if doing so also can cause us to feel stressed and even unhappy.

For example, I used to LOVE doing BIG cross-stitch projects as gifts for folks for special occasion. For awhile as I started them I would find them to be so relaxing. I’d put on soft music and just sit happily stitching away. But the longer it took to finish and the closer I’d get to the end, the more stressed I’d get. I just wanted to be done. I often found myself wondering if I was undoing all the good I thought I was doing “chillaxing” at first. (That’s bead work and gold metallic thread on her dress, btw.)

What about you? Do your passions ever cause you to feel up-tight and stressed? Do you have an example? Do you think that happiness DOES go hand-in-hand with passion? 



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